Regional, Common and Botanical name of Medicinal Plants


Dhatri patra, Amalaki Patra – leaves resemble to those of Amla tree Patradhya – Abundant leaves Madhurapatra – leaves are sweet in taste Sukodara, Dara, Arkavedha, Ghanacchada, Neelam, Neelambaram, A. webbiana var. pindrow Brandis. Hybridizes spontaneously with A. spectabilis. Described varieties include brevifolia Dallimore & Jackson and intermedia Henry. , Abies spectabilis, Abies webbiana Lindle, Indian Silver fir, Himalayan Silver fir, Talispatra, Taleesa Patra, Talisapatri, Budul, تالس پتری، تالس پترا

WARNING : Try these home made remedies that we have collected and shared with you at your own risk.

کھوج کے لئے اردو الفاظ بغیر اعراب  ( یعنی زیر زبر وغیرہ ) کے لکھیں۔


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