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admin @ Kamran Gondal
29 Jun 2016, 13:55
حوصلہ ودھاؤن دا شکریہ۔

admin @ Kamran Gondal
29 Jun 2016, 14:01
تہاڈے جیہے لوک حوصلے ودھاندے رہے تے پنجابی ضرور جاگن گے انشاءﷲ۔

admin @ shahbaz minhas
29 Jun 2016, 14:03

admin @ Kamran Gondal
29 Jun 2016, 14:05
تہاڈے جیہے لوکاں دیاں دعاواں نال کم چل رہیا ہے۔

Kamran Gondal
29 Jun 2016, 22:16
حیاتیاں مانڑو ویر جی خش رہوو..

Kamran Gondal
29 Jun 2016, 22:17
jee insha-Allah

01 Jul 2016, 12:02

First of all I really appreciate your efforts to promote Punjabi language Sir. On the other hand it is really sad that there are not many websites which promote Shahmukhi Punjabi.

Having said that, I like to share my thoughts with you all. I am from the "new" generation whose parents are speaking Punjabi with each other but speak Urdu with their children. That is really annoying me. I often tried to speak Punjabi with my parents but they have always discouraged me to to so. Seeing that, other Pakistani Punjabi automatically communicate with you in Urdu even though you spoke in Punjabi to them. Unlike Indian Punjabis I have witnessed that Pakistani Punjabi don´t take pride in Punjabi. Even those young Muslim Punjabis who grew up with Punjabi don´t pass it on to their children. Altough my Punjabi is not good I try to speak Punjabi with my children but I don´t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Not a single Pakistani child in my circle of friends is growing up with Punjabi. So is it even of use to speak Punjabi with your children? My whole family including my wife is talking in Urdu with them. Apart from few websites like yours Shahmukhi is being promoted nowhere.

There are no TV channels (For children and adults alike), youtube clips for children, Radio stations nor any news paper which promote Punjabi in Pakistan. Only Sikhs are taking Punjabi forward and I feel so ashamed and sad that Pakistani Punjabis abandoned Punjabi language and switched to Urdu instead. I don´t see a bright future for Muslim Punjabis. I really don´t know what to do. Am I the only one who is so saddened and desperate about the fate of Punjabi amongst Pakistanis or are there more Muslim Punjabis who share the same feelings? I guess most do not bother. Sir in such a hopeless situation what can one do to keep Punjabi alive or is it better to accept this sad truth? Thanks

Mohsan Zahid
01 Jul 2016, 20:21
Yara ...... Paag lage rain

admin @ Mohsan Zahid
02 Jul 2016, 05:10
شکریہ، بس دعاواں دی لوڑ ہے۔

admin @ Nadeem
02 Jul 2016, 05:40
تسی جو لکھیا ہے اسی تہاڈے خیالات دی قدر کردے ہاں ، تسی بلکل ٹھیک کیہا کہ اسی پنجابی ہی پنجابی نوں نقصان پہنچا رہے آں۔ اج جے پنجابی زندہ ہے تے پنڈاں دے لوکاں دی وجہ نال زندہ ہے یا چند ادارے جیویں پاکستان پنجابی ادبی بورڈ وغیرہ پنجابی دی خدمت کر رہے ہن۔ ساڈی ایہہ کوشش ایسے لئی ہے  کہ اسی انٹرنٹ اُتے پنجابی بارے لکھاں گے تے اَج دی نسل جیہڑی انٹرنٹ تے سارا دن گذاردی ہے شائد اوہناں دی نظر وچ آ جائے۔

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