Bergenia ligulata,Saxifraga ligulata,Saxifrages,Rockfoils,Pakhanabheda,Patharcua,Kachalu,Batpia,Dharposh,Patharchat,Kachalu,Pashanabheda,Patharchat,Asmabhedaka,Silibheda,Patharkuchi,Patharkuchi,Himasagara,Patrankur,Pashanbheda, Pakhanbheda, Silphara, Path

Regional, Common and Botanical name of Medicinal Plants

Bergenia ligulata, Saxifraga ligulata

پتھر چٹ ، پتھر چری، پاکھبند

WARNING : Try these home made remedies that we have collected and shared with you at your own risk.

کھوج کے لئے اردو الفاظ بغیر اعراب  ( یعنی زیر زبر وغیرہ ) کے لکھیں۔

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