کرم کلا، بند گوبھی

The cabbage is a plant of the Family Brassicaceae or Cruciferae (Angiospermae).  It is herbaceous, biennial, and a  flowering plant with leaves forming a characteristic compact cluster.The cabbage is derived from a leafy wild mustard plant, found in the Mediterranean region. The only part of the plant that is normally eaten is the leafy head.
Besides cabbage proper, the species Brassica oleracea has many other names: broccoli , cauliflower, kale, collard greens, and spring greens, kohlrabi, brussels sprouts, Chinese kale or Chinese broccoli, broccolini, and broccoflower.

یہ مختلف قسموں، شکلوں اور رنگوں میں ملتی ہے، لیکن اکثر چھوٹے اور موٹے تنے والی ہوتی ہیں۔عام طور پر سبز اور سرخ رنگ میں ہوتی ہے

بٹن گوبھی   Brussels sprouts
Brassica oleracea gemmifera (Gemmifera Group)
Captain Marvel, Prince Marvel, Jade Cross E, Button gobi


Its small (typically 2.5-4 cm diameter) leafy green heads, which resemble miniature cabbages. It belongs to Mustard family and genus Brassica.

یہ خاندان Mustard ( Brassicaceae )   کی نوع Brassica سے ہے۔ یہ چھوٹے چھوٹے بند گوبھی جیسے مگر خوشبو دار ہیں

کَرَمْ کَلّا ، بَند گوبھی  Cabbage 
Brassica oleracea capitata L , Brassica oleracea capitata rubra (Capitata Group)
Red Kraut , Blue Kraut, Capitata group) Early: Golden Acre; Darkri. Midseason: King Cole; Greenback; Roundup; Blue Ribbon. Late: Blue Boy; Rio Verde, Grand Slam. Savoy: Savoy King. Red Cabbages: Preko. (Pekinensis group) Spring A-1; Jade Pagoda; Tropical Delight; Michihli. (Chinensis group) Joi Choi; Lei Choi.

These Cabbages have round, conical, or flattened heads, which may be colored green, blue-green, or reddish-purple; the texture of the leaves may be waffled, as in Savoy Cabbages, or smooth. Cabbages have very short stem joints and on some varieties the heads are practically coreless. It belongs to Brassicaceae family and genus Brassica.

یہ خاندان Brassicaceae   کی نوع Brassica سے ہے۔ اسے کاٹ کر کچی سلاد وغیرہ میں استعمال کر سکتے ہیں یہ سرخ یا سبز ہوتی ہے۔مگر یاد رہے کہ سرخ رنگ دوسری سبزی کو خراب کر سکتا ہے۔ خریدتے ہوۓ یاد رہے کہ وزنی پھول اچھا ہوتا ہے۔

Chinese cabbage
Brassica rapa pekinensis (Chinensis group)
Chinese chard , Chinese white cabbage, Chinese cabbage , Spoon cabbage, Nappa cabbage , Celery cabbage , Chinese celery cabbage , Peking cabbage,  Wong bok , Petsai , Shantung cabbage , Hakusai, Chinese leaf (leaves) , Michihli ,Chinese mustard cabbage , Pak choy , Pak choi , Baak choi , Yow choy, Bok choy (BAHK-choy), Mustard cabbage ,White celery mustard , Taisai ,Bai cai


These Chinese Cabbages are great for small gardens. The dark green leaves have a powdery bloom and broad, white petioles that are shingles at the base. The inner leaves cluster, but do not form a head. Chinese Cabbages has crunchy stems and crinkled, spinach-like leaves.

پالک کی طرح چوڑے پتے ہیں۔اس کی بجاۓ سیلری استعمال ہو سکتی ہے۔ یہ کچی سلاد وغیرہ میں بھی استعمال ہوتی ہے۔

Kale, Borecole
Brassica oleracea sabellica L (Acephala Group), Brassica oleracea Acephala Group
Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch; Winterbor, Ornamental kale , Flowering cabbage , Flowering cole


Kale is like a nonheading Cabbage and differs slightly from Collards in appearance and taste. Most Kale varieties have upright, green to deep blue-green leaves with fringed or wavy edges and long petioles. Ornamental, or flowering Kale is a pretty plant with frilly leaves and open growth. The leaves are beautifully colored and variegated with purple, cream, white, or rose. This plant can be eaten, but isn't bred for tenderness.Flowering kale is a beautiful cabbage used more often as a garnish than as a vegetable.It is green. Kale can be classified by leaf type, Curly leaved, Plain leaved, Rape kale, Leaf and spear (a cross between curly leaved and plain leaved kale), Cavolo nero (also known as black cabbage, Tuscan kale, Lacinato and dinosaur kale). 

یہ دیکھنے میں خوبصورت ہے۔


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